Night qualification – NVFR

General informations

Get the theoretical basics and practical knowledge to earn a rating for night flying in visual conditions.

Flying at night is a very nice experience, but it also requires additional pilot experience, so you need to take a course to get a night flying rating.

Where does education take place?

At the Ljubljana Airport or Portorož Airport

What does education cover?
  • At least 3 hours of theory
  • At least 5 hours of flight
What else do I need to get my license?

* Outsourced

PPL(A) school fleet
  • Cessna 172
Age limit
  • At least 17 years

The course of education

Theoretical part
The theoretical part of education for NVFR night flying rating includes 3 hours of theoretical lectures in the classroom and includes:
  • airports at night, a psychological phenomenon at night, navigation at night, observing other traffic at night, …
* Lectures are usually held in the afternoon hours two days a week or by agreement
Practical part
Flight training for night flying rate NVFR includes a minimum 5 hours of flying on a Cessna 172N, including a minimum 3 hours of flight with the instructor, that includes
  • a minimum of 1 hour of navigation flights with at least 1 flight with the instructor, of at least 50 km (27 NM), and
  • 5 solo takeoffs and
  • 5 solo landings.
* The practical part of education depends on weather conditions

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