Multi-crew cooperation course – MCC

General informations

The MCC is an education course that allows you to fly in a multi-member crew.

During the PPL(A), IR/SE, IR/ME, and CPL(A) schooling, you were the PIC, but on the airplanes that require multi-pilots crew the functions are divided into the PE (Pilot flying) and PM (Pilot monitoring). The MCC is a prerequisite for approaching to schooling for a particular type of aircraft in most airlines, but it also may be integrated with it.

Where does education take place?

At the Portorož Airport

What does education cover?
  • 25 hours of theory
  • 20 hours of practical training on the FNPT II simulator
What else do I need to get my license?
  • Completed CPL(A) course
  • Completed IR/ME rating
PPL(A) school fleet
Age limit
  • At least 18 years

The course of education

Theoretical part
The course consists of 25 hours of lectures on which you learn how to work in a multi-member crew. The theory covers the following subjects:
  • communication, management techniques and multi-pilot work, proper tasks scheduling in the cockpit, solving problems, checklist reading, instrumentation use, normal procedures, abnormal and emergency procedures.
* Lectures are usually held in the afternoon hours two days a week or by agreement
Practical part
The course includes 20 hours of flying on the FNPT II simulator. Everything that includes the theoretical part is included in the practical part as well.

* The practical part of education depends on weather conditions

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