Modular course IR/SE

General informations

Get the theoretical basics and practical knowledge to earn a rating IR(A).

The goal of a modular course for flying for rating IR(A) is to train pilots to the level of proficiency required to operate with aircraft in accordance with IFR rules and IMC conditions.

Where does education take place?

At the Ljubljana Airport, Postojna Airport or Portorož Airport

What does education cover?
  • At least 150 hours of theory
  • At least 50 hours of flight
What else do I need to get my license?
  • English pilot exam*
  • Obtained PPL license fort the relevant aircraft category
  • Completed theoretical part of IR or ATPL(A)
  • Granted night flying privileges in accordance with FCL.810
  • Completed at least 50 hours of overflights as PIC on airplanes, helicopters or airships (thereof at least ten hours in the relevant aircraft category)
  • Multi-engine airplane training completed in accordance with subpart H for applicants who do not have a rating for type or multi-engine category

* Outsourced

PPL(A) school fleet
  • Piper PA28-200
Age limit
  • At least 17 years

The course of education

Theoretical part
The theory covers 150 hours from the following subjects
  • aviation law, general knowledge of aircraft, instruments, flight planning and monitoring, human performance, meteorology, radio navigation, IFR communication.
* Lectures are usually held in the afternoon hours two days a week or by agreement
Practical part
Training for IR(A) rating for single-engine airplanes covers a minimum of 50 hours of instrumental flying with an instructor, of which a maximum of 35 hours on a simulator or FNPT II device.

The course consists of two modules that the candidate can make separately or together
  • basic instrumental flying module covers 10 hours of instrumental flying with an instructor, of which may be a maximum of 5 hours of instrumental flying on FNPT II devices or on a simulator. After the module is completed, the candidate gets a course certificate. And
  • procedural instrumental flying module covers the rest of the syllabus for the IR(H) rating, 40 hours of instrumental flying with an instructor on single-engine aircraft, or 45 hours with an instructor on a multi-engine aircraft and theoretical training for an IR(A) rating.
* The practical part of education depends on weather conditions

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