Modular course ATPL(A)

General informations

Get the theoretical basics for a traffic pilot.

Traffic pilot license is one level higher than CPL (A). Compared to CPL (A), ATPL (A) allows you to be promoted to air traffic leader on planes that require a multi-pilot crew.

At our aviation school, we provide you with the theoretical knowledge to obtain this license. Practical training or exam flight is in most cases carried out at the airline for which you are flying, in which you also gain experiences that you need to achieve.

For your information only, we give you the main minimum requirements: min 1500 hours of flying on planes (of which max 100 hours on FSTD or max 25 hours on FNPT II); min 500 hours of flight in multi-pilot operations; …

Where does education take place?

At the Portorož Airport or by the agreement at the Ljubljana Airport

What does education cover?
  • 650 hours of theory, of which at least 10% of hours of each lesson in the classroom is in the form of lectures
What else do I need to get my license?
  • At least PPL(A) course
  • Certificate about completed matura examination (vocational or general) or certificate about completed secondary school, where mathematics, physics, and English proficiency were also tested*

* In case the candidate does not suffice the above requirements, the aviation school reserves the right to test the knowledge from subjects in the above.

Age limit
  • At least 18 years

The course of education

Theoretical part
The course consists of 650 hours and takes about 6 months to complete. In the classroom about 75 hours are done while the rest is done remotely. Distance learning is done via a computer, which means no physical presence is needed in the classroom.

Make your dream come true and become a traffic pilot!

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